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Become a certified user of ZortifySelect and ZortifyGrow.

Welcome to Zortify, where we help you take your coaching and consulting business to the next level! Our certification program offers training on our revolutionary products, ZortifyGrow and ZortifySelect, and gives you access to powerful personality assessment tools that utilize the latest and most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology.
Next dates Certification 
πŸ“† 18th & 19th of July
πŸ“ In the House of Startups in Luxembourg City

πŸ“† 29th & 30th of August
πŸ“ In the House of Startups in Luxembourg City
πŸ“† 10th & 11th of October
πŸ“ In the House of Startups in Luxembourg City
πŸ“† 28th & 29th of November
πŸ“ In the House of Startups in Luxembourg City
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What to expect

Imagine being equipped with the tools and knowledge to help your clients achieve their full potential. At Zortify, we believe in empowering you to do just that. So if you're ready to bring your coaching and consulting business to the next level, join our certification program and become a part of the Zortify family today!
Through our certification program, you will get training on our products ZortifyGrow and ZortifSelect. They are two of our powerful personality assessment tools, that are based on traditional, well-researched psychometric analysis, combined with the latest and most advanced Artificial Intelligence, the Natural Language Processing technology.  
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Happy Client

β€œAll our new store managers profit from both: The precise Zortify analysis and the remote coaching process during their onboarding process.”

Andrea Resch-Krenn

Head of Human Resources at

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  • 749,00 EUR excl. VAT 
  • 749,00 EUR plus 16%VAT = 868,84 EUR (if you are a resident of Luxembourg)

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AI-based assessment to develop & onboard talents & executives. β€‹

As a coach or consultant, you know that personalized development is crucial for the success of your clients. That's why our solution offers a tailored development process with an AI-based assessment, for talents and executives. With easy integration into your existing processes, our fully digital, remote, and multilingual solution provides detailed explanations of different psychological traits, giving your clients more clarity about their personal strengths and areas of development. By fully utilizing the potential of your clients, you can increase their productivity and motivation, leading to overall success. Don't settle for one-fits-all training and elevate your coaching or consulting business with our innovative solution today.


AI-based assessment to find the perfect match between position & personality. ​

Revolutionize the Selection Process with Deep Insights: Selecting the right candidate for your clients can be a complex and expensive process, often marred by bias or faulty intuition. Traditional solutions provide limited information and ill-informed selection decisions, leading to poor P-J-O fit and high turnover costs. Our solution offers valuable insights about a candidate's personality through self-assessment and NLP, enriching the interview process and leading to better final decisions. With objective information on personality traits relevant for business success, our fully automated and easily integrated assessment reduces human bias and increases employer branding and candidate experience. Don't risk costly bad hires and elevate your client's selection process with our innovative solution today.

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Meet our experts

Dr. Hannah Kiesow-Berger

"Creating a culture of growth and learning is essential for building a successful organization. By investing in employee development and creating a psychologically safe space for everyone, we can foster innovation, collaboration, and a sense of purpose that drives us forward."

Hannah Kiesow-Berger

Head of Psychology and Product Owner

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

"Coaching and employee development are essential for building a high-performing team and achieving business success. By investing in the growth and skill development of our employees, we can improve their performance, increase productivity, and drive innovation."

Dr. Marcus Heidbrink

Co-Founder Zortify and Organizational Psychologist

Olaf Janson

"Business success requires adapting to external circumstances beyond our control. By prioritizing a growth mindset and empowering employees to respond to changing situations with agility and innovation, we can position ourselves for long-term success."

Olaf Janson


Sophia Karlsson

"By investing in the development & growth of employees, a culture of trust and excellence that fuels business success can be created. When people are prioritized and empowered to contribute, they are motivated to do everything they can to help the company achieve its goals."

Sophia Karlsson

Business Development and HX coach